How does the Academia program work during the military/national service?

Social action is integrated throughout the entire program and reaches a peak in fulfilling the civic obligation of military or national service. Those who are unable to serve are asked to find an alternative framework for significant social action, to be approved by the program's management. During the course of military/national service, the connection with the students is of a different nature:


·         An annual national seminar for all graduates of the program. Participants are exposes to issues related to self-fulfillment in general and the academic area in particular.

·         An annual local meeting in collaboration with the unit that deals with soldiers in the community. In this meeting, the emphasis is on maintaining a closer connection – updates about the status of military/ national service, a detailed explanation about the next phase of the program and answers for specific questions from the graduates. In addition, the graduates are exposed to the community array of services for soldiers.

·         Telephone contact, e-mail and meetings according to the need arising from the field. All of the graduates who contact the program receive personal and professional attention.


Near the end of military/national service, workshops are held in the various communities, sponsored and initiated by the local authority. The workshops expose the options available to them in the community and facilitate the return to civilian life, with an emphasis on encouraging academic studies. There is a professional relationship between the program's director of academic studies and the relevant community unit.



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