How does the Academia program work during undergraduate studies?

The Academia program maintains reciprocal relations with a number of academic institutions throughout the country. Graduates of the program are entitled to apply to any academic institution in Israel, as long as the institution is recognized by the Council for Higher Education and awards an Israeli academic degree. The Academia program works only with institutions requiring university tuition. In the institutions where the program operates, there is a contact person who guides the program's graduates. The program will encourage studies in these institutions.


Graduates of the program are entitled to a differential assistance package, which is individually determined according to the exclusive judgment of the institution's steering committee. Sitting on this committee are representatives of the institution and representative the program who determined the amount of the package in accordance with the student's needs.


Components of the assistance package include: tuition, dormitories/travel expenses, tutoring and enrichment.


Each student is required to engage in social action throughout his/her undergraduate studies. The Academia program encourages "Perach" tutoring; the students who are active in Perach are eligible for a stipend for living expenses in addition to the Perach scholarship, subject to the steering committee's approval,


Those who choose other social action are required to confirm this vis-à-vis the program's steering committee.


At each institution of learning, a steering committee convenes bimonthly to closely monitor the students' progress in their studies, in their social action and in their adjustment to the academic system. The committee guides the students until they attain their degree.


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