How does the Academia program work during high school?

Identifying the communities and schools by two main parameters:

§         The extent of the need for support in the education system according to proven statistical data

§          Areas where there is the highest chance for collaboration

Identifying the coordinator in the school according to the following criteria:

§         A significant and dominant figure in the school environment

§         A sensitive and tolerant figure, who is very inclusive

§         A figure who is ready to take on a lot of intensive work


Creating an Academia class (home room) for students recommended by the school according to the following criteria:

ü       Students with learning potential that has not been fulfilled

ü       Students with the motivation and desire to make the effort and succeed

ü       Students coming from a middle-class or lower socio-economic background

ü       Students who pass interviews with representatives of Academia

How does the Academia class work?

The Academia class is a part of the overall school fabric, with special elements:

§         A customized track for each student according to his/her needs and pace of progress

§         Intensive reinforcement lessons according to a mapping of the students' needs, provided by the teachers and students designated for the program

§         Individual tutoring on a weekly basis provided by students chosen for this

§          Building a “safety net” - a system which regularly follows up with the students and provides solutions for needs and difficulties that arise from the field

§          Touring institutions of higher education once a year

§         External workshops for students, tutors and parents



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