Program managment

Molly Globus – President of the Foundation

Molly came to Israel from India at the age of 18 with seven dollars in her pocket.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Bournemouth, England and she is close to completing her Doctorate in Social Sciences at the University of Middlesex, England.

Pinni Cohen – CEO, Academia Program

Film buff and chef in the making

A graduate of the School of Social Work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Tidhar Ben Hagai - Project Manager of High School Studies

A farmer who lives in Tel Aviv

Graduated from Ben-Gurion University, studied Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology

Hagr Gazit - Project Manager of Academic Studies

Dancer and dierctor of a dance group

MA in International Relations, with a specialization in International Law, from Hebrew University in Jerusalem

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