The Adler Institute's School for Parents

 It is not easy to be parents of adolescents. Almost all parents ask themselves how to manage the connection with the adolescent while maintaining a system of rules. Don't worry, this this is possible! 
It is important to remember that adolescents suffer from emotional stress and confusion. Their changing bodies and ways of thinking often cause them anxiety, and they become very vulnerable.  
At the same time, their surroundings demand that they study, succeed, be sociable, and meet our expectations. They feel burdened and their genral feeling is that we are not considerate of them.  
We know that this is not true, because we do consider their feelings. We, the parents, see the children's confusion and become alarmed.   
We approach them cautiously – it is like walking on eggshells around them. We tell ourselves that our child is sensitive and we need to be careful. And what about us, the parents? What are we experiencing? The adolescents pepper us with insults, left and right, and we are supposed to restrain ourselves?   
From this we understand that we must be "super parents" – to respond to every difficulty and problem, to remain calm and controlled without getting swept up in the emotional whirlwind of the adolescent. We are supposed to turn a blind eye when necessary and to know to set limits when essential. We are supposed to be flexible, on one hand, and resolute, on the other hand.  
It is not easy to be an adolescent, and to the same extent it is not simple to be a parent of an adolescent. Sometimes it is complicated, confusing and frustrating, and we do not know how to cope. 
In the parents' workshop held at each school in which the Academia program operates, we talk about these issues. We see that we are not alone and that the difficulties are common to almost everyone. We raise questions and create a support network for eachother to learn how to be better parents for our adolescents ion this rapidly changing world.


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